DU' MAYAR is a company founded by a brother and sister, with an aim to convey their story through their unique fragrances. Each scent tells a different story, a story that every human being relates to. DU' MAYAR represents: the sense of family, security, love and fairness.

We aim to inspire others and to convey that life is beautiful through every fragrance that you smell, every memory that it brings you, and feelings that you feel. It’s beautiful because it has its good and bad moments. We celebrate life every time we succeed in something, and we should also celebrate when we fail. How beautiful could life be if we are able to express our moments in life trough exceptional scents that represents ourself. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the most extravagant perfume bottles, an exceptional design and unique to each individual due to the marble design, which makes the whole experience even more special. The ostentatious bottle design presents the logo brand gracefully engraved on a golden cap. The perfume is being delivered in a beautiful book-like packaging, which enhances the whole luxurious scent of the perfumes. Our main focus is to ensure the best quality in our products and to inspire others with our brand’s core values.